1. Yes, we do.  We have Adtec™439 that is a complex TMP ester and is a good emulsifier with water to form milky emulsions.  It is convenient and ready to use in metalworking and other areas.  Our PEG esters such as Adtec™156, 163 and 233 are also good emulsifiers for metalworking or leather applications.

  2. Our Neatsfoot Oils and Lard Oils are refined products from animal-origin and have Iodine Values (IV) of 80-95 versus vegetable oils, refined or unrefined, well above 100.  Higher IV means higher unsaturation or double bonds, less thermal and oxidative stability, which makes vegetable oils easier to degrade under elevated temperatures.  The other “down-side” of high IV is less lubrication, but more fluidity and lower Pour Point are on the up-side.